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Moxi Go II
Orflo 2 color Flow
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Product Code: MOXI-GO-II
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    Orflo Moxi Go II

      The Moxi GO II combines Coulter Principle Cell Counting (gold standard of cell counting) with 2 color flow generated by a 488 laser and 2 PMTs.

      The Moxi Go II
      Cassette allows for maintenance free operation. Flow Cytometry Cell analysis combined with the most accurate cell size and count is now at your fingertips.

      The Moxi Go & Moxi GO II Flow Cytometers is a unique combination of Coulter-style cell size determination with simultaneous fluorescence detection.
      Utilizes disposable Flow Cell for ease of use
      488nm Laser Standard (532 available)
      2 PMT's for 2 color detection
      Can be purchased as a Cell counter and upgrade to 1 or 2 color flow.

    • Cell surface immuno-labeling
    • In-Cell Protein Quant
    • CRISPR/Transfection Optimization Studies
    • Viability
    • Cell Health
    • Apoptosis
    • Up to 4 plex bead based ELISA's using our new on board MPX Relative Quantitation Ap
    • In cell Western Blots
    • Reactive Oxidation Species Experiments
    • Calein AM studies
    • Phagocytosis Analysis
    • Mito Potential Experiements