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Syngene GBox Chemi XRQ
Gel imaging for fluorescence and chemiluminescence

Product Code: GBOX-CHEMI-XRQ
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The XRQ is a superb flexible system suitable for all your fluorescence imaging needs and also for low light level chemiluminescence from blots and plates.

The XRQ has 16 million effective pixels with a standard image output of 4 million pixels. The sensor is one of the new generation sensors which has exceptional Quantum Efficiency (QE), meaning that the camera is very sensitive indeed. This makes it perfect for low light applications like Western blot chemiluminescence samples. With the XRQ you are guaranteed superb images of gels, blots and plates. The camera has a 16 bit maximum dynamic range.

Naturally the camera is cooled and has very low noise so imaging chemiluminescent samples is easy. Using GeneSys software makes capture of any sample a simple, automatic process. Exposure times of many hours are possible and always result in clean, crisp images.

The G:BOX XRQ is a highly versatile system capable of imaging all routine samples, EtBr and safe alternatives, SYBR, coomassie plus chemi blots, colony plates and many fluorescent applications including red, green and blue excitation.

The XRQ LED comes with LED gantry rack and epi white LED lighting, optional UV or blue transilluminator and visible light converter. It is simple and cost effective to fit epi UV, blue, green and red lighting either at time of purchase or later. There is a seven position motor driven filter wheel. The entire system is fully motor driven with lens feedback, filter wheel, lighting and exposure time, all controlled, regulated and optimised through the powerful GeneSys acquisition software.

The XRQ offers high performance at an affordable cost, it is suitable for a lab using many sample types requiring versatility whilst retaining simplicity.