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Syngene GBox Chemi XX6 and XX9
Gel imaging for fluorescence and chemiluminescence
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Product Code: GBOX-CHEMI-XX6-AND-XX9
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The Syngene GBox XX6 and XX9 are top of the range, high resolution imaging systems, suitable for the most demanding users and applications. They are suitable for all your fluorescence imaging needs and also low light level chemiluminescence from blots and plates. Industry Leading Camera sensitivity combined with zoom platform that positions blot as close to lens as possible. When you need the most sensitive systems for Large to small blots.

Imaging Applications
Western Blots:
Chemiluminescence, Fluorescence - Red, Blue, Green and Infrared
4 Color Multiplexing
Now With High Intensity LEDs 200 times brighter than standard LEDs
for easier quicker fluorescent R,B,G
and IR Imaging.

Gels: Protein Gels, DNA Gels, 2DGels, Stain Free Gels, Safe Gels, Multiplexed Gels

Colorimetric Blot Detection
GFP Plant Imaging

Performance Specifications
Camera Resolution:
6 or 9 megapixel
Cooled CCD: -57c
Image Resolution: 18 megapixel (6mp camera) or 27 megapixel (9mp camera)
Quantum Efficiency @ 425: 73%
Zoom capabilities: Motor driven zoom stage
Dynamic Range: 16bit imager, 65,536 greyscale
Filter Wheel: 7 position, motor driven
Optional Fluorescence Capabilities: Hi Intensity Red, Blue, Green and Infrared
Max Image Area: 32.3cm x 25.6cm Min Image Area: 15cm x 11.7cm
Epi White Lighting
Upgradeable / Customizable

Free Analysis Software
21CFR11 Compliant