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Syngene GBox Chemi XT4
Gel imaging for fluorescence and chemiluminescence

Product Code: GBOX-CHEMI-XT4
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The Syngene GBox XT4 is the first of our high end systems, giving excellent high resolution images every time. .

Imaging Applications
Western Blots:
Chemiluminescence, Fluorescence - Red, Blue, Green and Infrared
4 Color Multiplexing
Gels: Protein Gels, DNA Gels, 2DGels, Stain Free Gels, Safe Gels, Multiplexed Gels

Colorimetric Blot Detection
GFP Plant Imaging

Performance Specifications
Camera Resolution:
4.2 megapixel
Cooled CCD: -57c
Image Resolution: 16.76 megapixel
Quantum Efficiency @ 425: 53%
Zoom capabilities: Motor driven zoom stage
Dynamic Range: 16bit imager, 65,536 greyscale
Filter Wheel: 7 position, motor driven
Optional Fluorescence Capabilities: Red, Blue, Green and Infrared
Max Image Area: 19cm x 19cm Min Image Area: 9cm x 9cm
Epi White Lighting
Upgradeable / Customizable

Free Analysis Software
21CFR11 Compliant